In 2013 DDP support contributed to safe internet access for critical internet users in countries in Central Asia, Middle East, South East Asia and Central America.

A short selection of our results in 2013.  

Grant making: Through grant making the DDP supported several organisations to mitigate digital threats. For example by establishing safe internet access for approximately 1900 users through VPNs and other circumvention technology. The grants provided 108 users with emergency response, such as DDoS mitigation for websites under attack, legal support, the replacement of equipment and retrieval of hijacked accounts or temporary digital security helpdesks. On top op that, 162 people were trained on digital security, to make them more aware of risks and less vulnerable for attacks.

Strategic Partnerships: The DDP supported strategic partners who provided legal support, regional digital security consultants, secure hosting for very high-risk websites. Furthermore, 1500-2000 users a day are supported to circumvent censorship by browsing anonymously by increasing the architecture behind Tor.

Brokering: The DDP has engaged in various brokering activities for 17 different human rights defenders- and media organisations that suffered a digital emergency. By either providing direct assistance to mitigate the digital threat or by brokering third party intervention from an extensive network of lawyers, technical specialists and training organisations with specific experience in this area.

Research: The DDP commissioned two regional studies (MENA and Central Asia) into particular threats that journalists, HRDs, bloggers and activists face. These studies will be made available soon to download.