Take extra precaution against attackers

Even if you have not experienced a Denial of Service attack, this guide offers steps to prepare for one, hopefully preventing any downtime at all. Go straight to the Responding to a Denial of Service Attack section to investigate common solutions you can implement now, before being attacked. At the Helpful Resource section you can find guides to keep your site alive.

  • Backups: It’s always good to ensure you have backups (that you store somewhere other than the same place your website is!). Many hosts and website platforms include this as part of their service, but it’s best to also have additional, offline copies.
  • Keep up to date: If you are using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Drupal, check to make sure that your website technology is updated to the latest software, especially if there have been security updates. If you are using custom software, consider moving to a CMS that receives regular updates.
  • Monitoring: There are many services that can constantly check on your site and email or text you if it goes down. This Mashable article lists ten popular ones. Be aware that the email or phone number you use for monitoring will be clearly associated with managing the website.