Safer Communication on a smartphone

If you only have a smartphone, the following tools can protect your communication. Be aware that your phone is generally tied to your identity (through billing, account services or SIM card registration) and can reveal your location. These tools do not protect against this, they only encrypt the content of your communication.


  • ChatSecure by The Guardian Project integrates with desktop chat Clients like Jitsi and Pidgin (using Gchat or Jabber/XMPP) and adds end-to-end encryption and the ability to send encrypted files, photos and audio.
  • With csipsimple you can also make secure calls.
  • RedPhone (for voice) and TextSecure (for SMS) by Whispersystems are good, but both parties must be on Android (with these tools installed) in order for these tools to work.
  • These apps are in the Google Play store, the F-Droid repository and available directly from the links above.
  • Orbot by The Guardian Project and the Tor Project is an application that allows mobile phone users to access the web, instant messaging and email without being monitored or blocked by their mobile internet service provider. Orbot brings the features and functionality of Tor to the Android mobile operating system.


Your iOS options are more limited, but the ChatSecure app on the iPhone is created in cooperation with the Android ChatSecure app and has similar features. Onion Browser offers similar features to Tor and Orbot for iOS.