Incident Emergency Fund

The Incident Emergency Fund responds rapidly to urgent cases of digital threats or attacks against human rights defenders, journalists, activists, or organisations. The funding provided can be up to €10,000 and can be used to cover costs, which will directly reduce the risk or impact of a digital attack. The funding covers activities for a maximum of four months, and we aim to respond to requests within two weeks.

**Update – 16 December 2021: Please note that due to the end of the year and the associated holidays, the Digital Defenders Grants Team will work on limited capacity during the coming weeks. We are still striving to process requests and applications for funding in a timely manner. But please expect slower communication response times in the upcoming weeks.**

The Incident Emergency Fund can be used to cover a number of costs related to a digital emergency or attack. This can include, for example:
  • replacement of hardware or software which has been taken, lost or stolen;
  • purchase of more secure hard- or software and costs related to implementation of the new systems;
  • technical or non-technical activities to respond to urgent issues such as internet blockages;
  • training or accompaniment on digital or other security issues;
  • measures to improve physical security (which relate to information management and digital security);
  • measures to address the psychological and psychosocial impacts of digital threats.

Application Process

To apply for the Incident Emergency Fund, fill out the secure application form here, answering the questions in as much detail as possible. We will respond to you as soon as possible with a full application form or further questions.
We are able to process applications submitted in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. If you would like to submit your application in another language, please contact us first via with your language request, and we can explore a secure solution.

Have you received an Incident Emergency Fund grant in the last year, and want to submit a new application? Please consult your DDP grants officer first, before submitting a new application.
Please note: due to the high amount of requests, we can take longer to respond.
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