Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We adopt a feminist and intersectional approach as the epistemological basis for our analysis and the development of our programmes.

Strengthening Gender Equality and Diversity Inclusion

The purpose of this strategy is to guide DDP’s adoption and strengthening of a structured approach to Gender Equality and Diversity Inclusion, corresponding to the needs of Human Rights Defenders, DDP’s collaborators and partner organisations that work to support Human Rights Defenders, and DDP internal policies, strategies and staff capacity needs.

We will do this by learning to analyse our field, programs and activities through a gender and intersectional lens, and supporting knowledge production and development of gender and culturally sensitive and appropriate initiatives.

Feminist Helplines

As part of the Rapid Response Network, in mid 2021 we started reviewing how different feminist organisations, projects and collectives were supporting people and collectives facing gender-based violence amplified or facilitated by ICT. Read more about this process in “Building feminist infrastructure: Feminist helplines for people facing gender-based violence in digital spaces”.

2021 Webinars

We are happy to share the three webinars that took place between June and July 2021, in which 12 pioneering projects presented their work, sharing in feminist terms: how and why they emerged, how they organised themselves to sustain the helplines, what were the challenges to their sustainability, what strategies they developed, what problems they encountered and how they solved them.

Expanding support infrastructures

Experiences from a feminist Latin America

Supporting those who support with technologies, resources and theoretical frameworks