We are excited to announce the November issue of our monthly webinar “How we fight Online Harassment” coming Monday!
This month the speaker is Loreto based in Oaxaca, Mexico. Her work is amazingly diverse (make sure to check out her impressive bio) and she will be telling us about the work she is doing related to online violence. 
Among many things,  Loreto is campaigner in the Siempre Vivas Network – which developed a Latin-Mexican version of APC’s Tacke Back The Tech campaign – and this year they will launch a campaign aimed to break with the normalization of online violence among groups of young people. For this, they have done a research-participative work with focus groups of adolescents in the City of Oaxaca. The result are stories that they are  transforming into radio productions to launch soon. Another part of her experience comes from dealing with cases of harassment and online attacks of women human rights defenders in Mexico and other places in Latin America. 

When: Monday November 6th, 4pm CET 

: Loreto has participated in feminist groups and networks since the age of 15 and is passionate about the skilled use of technology to defend human rights and eradicate violence against women.

Loreto has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to accompanying community communication processes and has trained extensively in the technical aspects of radio frequency and broadcasting with free software. In 2006 she founded Palabra Radio 
a group of women communicators who work together to strengthen community life and social movements. She was a co-founder of the Community Radio and Free Software Network https://liberaturadio.org. Loreto is also one of the original collaborators on Rhizomatica , creators of the first community cell phone network in the world, since its founding in 2010. Currently, she is a Hivos Digital Integrity Fellow, working as an international consultant in digital security from a feminist and free culture perspective with women human rights defenders, community communicators, journalists and activists in Latin America.

How to join the Webinar:
The webinar will take place on Uberconference. We will send out the link to join the webinar before hand. There is no need to download anything; you will be able to join by clicking on the link and register a name.

To RSVP to the webinar and receive the link to join, please email:

The monthly webinars are organized to highlight different projects focusing on response to online harassment. From creative public campaigns, to alliances with lawyers and feminists bots: there are so many inspiring initiatives, and so little opportunity to share experiences, tactics and strategies. This webinar is an effort to create a space for linking and the huge diversity of initiatives and learn from and inspire each other. The webinar series How we fight Harassment is a joint initiative of Sanne and Dalia. Dalia works at Tactical Tech as the Gender and Tech project coordinator, she researches and works on variety of issues related to tech and society, including developing mitigation strategies to combat online harassment.  Sanne works with the Digital Defenders
Partnership supporting emergency response to digital attacks against critical users, including response to online harassment.