Yesterday The Guardian published a great article about the big players in surveillance technology and how their technologies are used to spy and control users in repressive countries. Such as the Italian company Hacking Team, who sold its malicious software to the UAE and Morocco, where it was used to target at least one activist and a media organisation.

The article also delves into the many efforts to protect critical users from this surveillance technology and digital attacks. Like the great work of Citizen Lab, researching the origin of malware, or the ways in which Privacy International and politician Marietje Schaake try to hold companies accountable for trading in digital arms with repressive regimes. The Digital Defenders partnership is mentioned as well. A small correction there – the DDP does not have its own DDos mitigation service, but has a strategic partnership with the great folks from Virtual Road in their continuous hard work to keep websites under attack in the air.

Read the article ‘The digital arms race – and what is being done to fight it’  here.