Capacity Building Grants

If you want to know about funding opportunities for Capacity Building Grants, please send an email to

For who?
– NGOs
– media organisations
– human rights defenders

What kind of projects? 
– Strengthening an organisation’s emergency response capacity
– Personal protection for anyone targeted due to their online presence or facing digital threats
– Other strategic investments in the digital emergency response sector

Scope of the Grant
The Capacity Building Grants:

  • Range between 20,000 – 250,000 Euro
  • Run until maximum the end of 2019
  • Executing an independent financial audit is mandatory as part of the project
  • The maximum process time for a full proposal is four months

Strategic Grant process
The grant making process for Strategic Grants consist of the following steps;

  1. Potential grantees can submit their proposal to the DDP grants team through email to stating:
    – Goals
    – Objectives and outputs
    – Needs assessments
    – Context and risk analysis
    – Budget
    – M&E
    – Project work plan
    – Confidentiality classification with explanation
    – Sustainability
    – Organisation name
    – When was the organisation established
    – Organisation structure
    – Objectives/vision/mission
    – Core areas of expertise
    – Experience/track record
    – Time/period
  2. An initial assessment is made on the DDPs eligibility criteria
  3. The DDP’s donors will review and approve or reject the proposal
  4. The DDP grants team will inform the potential grantee of the outcome

You can also send us encrypted emails, find the team’s PGP key here: DDP team key