Sustainable Emergency GrantsĀ 

If you want to know about funding opportunities for Emergency Grants, please send an email to

For who?
– NGOs
– Human rights organizations
– Media organizations

What kind of projects?
– Improve their digital security apparatus
– Set up temporary helpdesks
– Test and research specific threats
– Implement safe infrastructure
– Give security trainings
– Temporary support which is needed to mitigate a specific digital emergency situation

Note that the support can only be awarded if it concerns a project in internet repressive and transitional countries.

Scope of the Grant:
The Emergency Grant (sustainable):

  • Ranges from 10,000 – 50,000 Euro
  • Runs for a maximum period of one year
  • Open to organizations who are/were under attack
  • The maximum process time for a full proposal is four months

Sustainable Emergency Grant process
The grant making process for Direct Support Grants consist of the following steps;

  1. Potential grantees can submit their proposal by sending an email to
  2. In your email, explain the following (don’t mention any sensitive infomation if your project is confidential):
    – name of the project
    – project goal
    – country it takes place in
    – duration of the project (maximum one year)
    – grant budget requested + explanation
    – your name / your organization’s name
    – aim and scope of the activities you/your organization is doing
    – names + contact details of at least 2 references
  3. An initial assessment is made on the DDPs eligibility criteria
  4. The DDP secretariat will review and then either approve or reject the proposal

The DDP secretariat will inform the potential grantee of the outcome. If you have questions, send an email to

You can also send us encrypted emails, find our PGP keys here: Wieke’s key