An independent Investment Committee is responsible for assessing, rejecting and approving potential grantees. The Committee currently consists of four members who are installed for a period of two years. The Committee members meet at least four times per year. The current members of the Investment Committee are:

Anja Kovacs; is Project Director at the Internet Democracy Project in India which engages in research and advocacy on the promises and challenges that the internet poses for democracy and social justice in the developing

Amira Al Hussaini; Amira is a leading journalist, columnist, blogger and a free speech advocate. She is also the Middle East and North Africa Editor at Global Voices Online.

Claudio Guarnieri; is an independent security researcher specialized in tracking, dissecting and understanding malware and botnets. He co-authored several researches in the last year concerning commercial surveillance technologies, such as FinFisher, and their use in countries with critical human rights records.

Janet Haven; Associate Program Director at the Information Program of the Open Society Foundations (OSF). Janet oversees OSF’s efforts to support the use of new technologies and information strategies by civil society actors.