Training & Accompaniment

Since 2015, to complement our emergency and sustainable funding to HRDs and civil society under digital threat, DDP has supported the work of digital and holistic security experts embedded in human rights communities, networks and movements. Through the Digital Integrity Fellowship, DDP supports trusted digital and holistic security experts to carry out long-term accompaniment of human rights organisations to improve their digital and holistic security. The Fellows carry out tailored accompaniment processes for organisations based on their specific needs and context, and build the skills of internal staff or activists as “Focal Points” to underpin the sustainability of the process.

Digital Integrity Fellowship (DIF)

The DIF programme supports organisations to increase their awareness around digital security issues, and works with them to develop effective and resilient practices for digital security. The programme aims, ultimately, to make a positive contribution to the overall protection and well-being of the collective.
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Field Building Project

In 2019, DDP kicked off the Field Building Project, which aims to spread the DIF model and support collaborative networks of digital and holistic security experts. In August 2019, we hosted the kick-off trainings for this project with an inspiring group of 13 human rights activists and protection experts from Central, South and South-East Asia. […]
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