Digital Integrity Fellowship (DIF)

The Digital Integrity Fellowship (DIF) was developed in 2014 as a response to the problematic trend of “box-checking” digital security trainings for human rights defenders and organisations. At the time, such trainings were often carried out with little scope for follow-up with training participants, or adjustment of the content to their context-specific needs.

In contrast to this model, the DIF provides organisations, collectives, and networks with a tailored programme of long-term accompaniment by at least one DIF Fellow for between 6 and 18 months.

In 2020 DDP works with 7 fellows in Asia, recruits 7 fellows in Latin America, and works with a global fellow team of 7 fellows spread out over 4 regions with complementary skill sets, all of whom are engaged half-time, either in accompanying human rights organisations or in supporting other Fellows.

The DIF programme supports organisations to increase their awareness around digital security issues, and works with them to develop effective and resilient practices for digital security. The programme aims, ultimately, to make a positive contribution to the overall protection and well-being of the collective.

Where necessary, Fellows will collaborate with DDP partners, rapid responders and Hivos Regional Hubs to ensure that a tailored and holistic approach is taken, and that available resources are taken advantage of. In 2019, DDP open-sourced the model of the DIF, including workflows and documentation processes. Read the first version of the Manual in English and Spanish here:
Read the DIF Manual