One of the most common forms of online censorship is instigation of cyber attacks that aim to take websites offline, or to make them inaccessible to their readership. Independent government-critical media outlets are common targets, as well as human rights organisations. To support organisations to mitigate these vile attacks, the DDP has a strategic partnership with the organisation Qurium Media Foundation (aka, which is specialised in Secure Hosting. works as a digital bodyguard for online news media and human rights organizations primarily in oppressed countries and in many of the world’s dictatorships. defends information on the Internet that other hosting providers do not want to, or can not, deal with. They host independent media from countries with repressive regimes, where public and open opinions are a crime in itself. Their clients constantly suffer from all known forms of cyber attacks. An unfair war, where governments and cyber armies attack small independent news outlets with scares resources to defend themselves.

The mission of is to protect the freedom of information of exile media by offering the technical infrastructure and expertise to fight denial of service attacks and other types of cyber attacks. Since the start in 2009 is now hosting media sites from more than 20 countries, such as Azerbaijan, Burma, Iran, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Sri Lanka and Zambia.

The activities of do not only ensure that news and information of critical media is available at crucial times, it also makes sure that sensitive data is properly protected, and allows sites to grow as a result of their online presence.

With the DDP support, has invested in hardware to keep the mitigation platform updated and resilient against the ever-changing cyber attacks that are being launched against its clients. The support will also allow to develop tools for monitoring and prevention of attacks, that will improve the services offered to current and future clients.

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