Digital Defenders Partnership at the Stockholm Internet Forum

Digital Defenders Partnership participated in the Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF), organised by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), May 30 – 31. This year’s theme was the “Role of the Internet and ICT during Crises, Conflicts and Disasters” to discuss tech infrastructures, people and systems; information, data and media; and normative frameworks in times of crisis. Recordings of the sessions will be available soon.

DDP Tech Team set up a Digital Security Clinic to support Human Rights Defenders attending the Forum, answer their questions and recommend resources. Many of the people who approached us were concerned about the existence of spyware on their devices. Also, there was a clear interest in exploring new perspectives on digital security for their organisations. 

Digital Defenders Partnership provides a holistic programme of activities, including sustainable responses to threats, facilitation, and community building within the broader ecosystem of support to Human Rights Defenders under digital siege. Learn more about our Digital Protection Accompaniment.