Digital Defenders Partnership supports human rights defenders, journalists and activists to improve their digital security and respond to digital attacks.

We offer emergency support including emergency grants of up to 10,000 EUR to respond to urgent situations and in the aftermath of attacks.

We offer sustainable protection support including accompaniment and training through the Digital Integrity Fellowship and sustainable protection grants of between 10,000-50,000 EUR. – CURRENTLY CLOSED

We promote and support collaboration in the field of digital support to human rights defenders through initiatives such as the Rapid Responders Network.

If you want to apply for an emergency grant, you can always reach out to us via email:  More information about the emergency grants can be found here

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About DDP

The Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP) was initiated in 2012 by the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) to protect critical Internet users – human rights defenders (HRDs), including activists, bloggers, civil society organisations, journalists, and other users of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to defend human rights, and keep the Internet free and open. 
Our vision is of an open Internet, free from threats to expression, association, assembly, privacy and other fundamental rights, specifically in repressive and transitional environments.
Our mission is to provide a holistic response to digital threats and create resilient and sustainable networks of support to human rights defenders. 
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DDP provides grants to human rights defenders and organisations to address urgent digital emergency situations. For example, a website or email being hacked, or the theft or loss of sensitive data and equipment. Longer-term grants are provided to organisations that face threats due to the work they are doing. This grant could cover a training of staff members, internet infrastructure in the office, or setting up secure data storage systems for sensitive files. In addition to the grants, DDP has a Digital Security Fellowship, where organisations around the world receive personalised digital security trainings and support for a sustained period of time. The Rapid Response Network is also coordinated by DDP, through providing financial and logistic assistance to improve the quality and effectiveness of emergency response. Click here for DDP’s strategy for the period 2020-2023.

Scroll down to read more about the scope of these grants, our grant making process and eligibility criteria. If you want to know about future funding opportunities, please send an email to

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Incident Emergency Grants 

Incident Emergency Funding is designed to respond rapidly to urgent cases of digital threats or attacks against human rights defenders, journalists, activists, or organisations. The funding provided can be up to €10,000 and can be used to cover costs which will directly reduce the risk or impact of a digital attack. The funding covers activities for a maximum of four months, and we aim to respond to requests within two weeks.

If you are interested in applying for Incident Emergency Funding, contact us at with the following information:

  • Your name and your organisation’s name
  • Details of the threat or attack you face
  • The goals of the project
  • Country/countries it takes place in
  • Aims and details of the planned activities
  • Duration of the project (maximum four months)
  • A budget and justification (up to €10,000)
  • Contact details of two references


Examples of Incident Emergency Funding in the past have included:

  1. DDP supported the provision of digital risk assessment and training workshops to LGBTQI+ human rights defenders in Tanzania following an increase in government and other politicians attacking the community.
  1. Investigative journalists in Southeast Asia received digital security support, as well as equipment replacement and VPNs, via the DDP grant-making mechanism. This collective was investigating and publishing stories on abuses of power by the government and improving their security profile was essential to the continuation of their work. 
  1. A black LGBTQI+ activist in Latin America received digital security and psycho-social accompaniment, as well as laptop replacement. The HRD had received violent threats linked to her activism for several years and her work computer was seized by the authorities for an investigation. The grant allowed her to address the psychological stress she faced and continue her activities on a secure device.  
  1.  DDP supported a project of risk analysis, digital security training and online support on digital rights and digital security issues for activists in a Central American country during a time of political crisis and government repression of civil society.


Given the emerging Covid-19 crisis, DDP is putting money aside to focus in particular on the need for access to infrastructures and software which will support civil society to take its work online in as secure a manner as possible, avoiding the potential pitfalls of dependence on insecure or politically untrustworthy platforms.

We would therefore like to encourage alternative, rights-focused providers of secure software and infrastructure platforms to apply to our Incident Emergency Funding of up to €10,000 to support the development, maintenance, upgrading, and outreaching of these alternatives to civil society. While other types of project will be duly considered, our primary focus will be to support initiatives providing:

  • Access to secure video and voice communication and conferencing platforms;
  • Access to VPNs or similar;
  • Access to radio streaming & broadcasting platforms.
  • Producing how-tos, guides, and resources aimed at improving accessibility and awareness of best practices regarding the aforementioned tools.
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