Facilitation and Community Building

An open, vibrant, and collaborative community of organisations and individuals working to support internet freedom and digital security is vital for the protection of human rights globally.

DDP supports initiatives and projects, which strengthen and expand this community, and carries out research and analysis in order to strengthen learning and establishment of best practices. Below you can find further information about some of the projects DDP has supported.

The Rapid Response Network (RaReNet) is an active network of organisations and individuals that are working on emergency response to digital threats. It is composed by rapid responders, technical experts, security trainers who are connected to civil society, activists and journalists on the ground.

CiviCERT’s mission is to engage, connect, and support its members to better help civil society build capacity and strength. CiviCERT strives to facilitate collaborations as needed, share information to alert emerging digital security threats to civil society, and foster other digital security help desks in improving protection for civil society members and organizations.

Feminist Helplines Community

DDP facilitates a global community of feminist helplines. These are initiatives that provide support to women and LGTBQIA+ people facing digital gender-based violences. Since 2021, the FHL Commmunity Conversations series have become a space for peer-learning and resource sharing.