Global Partnership Fund

To support multi-regional initiatives which have a global reach and local focus.


What does this fund cover?

  • Hosting meetings or conferences to strengthen collaboration between rapid responders.
  • Capacity-building and training within the holistic security trainers communities or among rapid responders networks to digital threats.
  • Creating, translating, or maintaining useful creative-commons guides, repositories or resources for learning
  • Set up or maintaining help desks or helplines.

Application process

1. Create an account

Activate the applicants’ account on the application system. You can edit the application if it was submitted as a draft.

2. Submit your proposal

Remember you cannot edit a final application submission.

3. Response and screening

A Project Officer (PO) will be appointed to follow up your submission. First response may take up to 14 days (2 weeks). Project Officers will screen if the application meets DDP’s IEF mandate. Applications that do not fall under DDP’s mandate will be rejected and/or referred to our partners and network.

4. Review and due dilligence

Project Officers will review the application on quality and due dilligence criteria. The applicant may need to provide extra information and edit the application, in case there are questions about the proposed activities or budget.

5. Determination

In case the application does not meet quality or due dilligence criteria, it will be rejected. In case the application meets all criteria and all information has been provided, the application will be discussed within the DDP team, after which a final determination follows.

6. Aproval

A sucessful applicant will get a notification of approval.

We are able to process applications submitted in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. If you would like to submit your application in another language, please contact us with your language request, and we can explore a secure solution.