How do we engage with commercial platforms to manage cases?

Second session of the Feminist Helplines’ Community Conversation cycle of 2022.

The second session of the 2022 Feminist Helplines’ Community Conversations cycle was held on May 26th. Over 36 participants, representing up to 14 organisations, gathered to share their experiences collaborating with social media platforms to address digital gender-based violence and discussed the benefits, pitfalls and risks of such collaborations.

In groups, participants engaged in four debates: the strategies to establish relationships with social media platforms; how to facilitate and organise content creators; what was the role of helplines when acting as mediators between content creators and social media platforms; and which ways feminist helplines could push Big Tech to address digital gender-based violence.

Although DDP provided the digital infrastructure and methodological support for the session, this was facilitated by a feminist helpline based in Latin America, as an exercise to distribute power among the feminist helpline community. 28.6% of the participants found the session very useful, and 72.4% found it quite useful.