Strategy 2020-2023

At the Digital Defenders Partnership, we are proud to share with you our new Strategy for the forthcoming 2020-2023 period. This document is the result of a collaborative engagement with a number of partner organisations. It sets out our analysis of the context in which we are working, the changes we are making in our programme in order to ensure our work is as effective as possible in these challenging circumstances, our theory of change, and our planned areas of work and priorities for the coming four years. Our holistic programme of support to human rights defenders and rapid responders in the context of digital threats and attacks will now be organised around three areas of work:
  • Incident Emergency Response, including through our Incident -Emergency Funding;
  • Sustainable Protection Support, including through the Digital Integrity Fellowship;
  • Facilitation and Community Building, including through our support to Rapid Responders regionally and globally.
Further important developments include our Field Building Project, which aims to spread the Digital Integrity Fellowship model of support to digital and holistic security experts in various regions, and a strategy for strengthening Gender Equality and Diversity Inclusion (GEDI), which is included as an Annex. Click on above image to open the Strategy document.
Download the PDF