An open, vibrant, and collaborative community of organisations and individuals working to support internet freedom and digital security is vital for the protection of human rights globally. With this in mind, DDP supports initiatives and projects, which strengthen and expand this community, and carries out research and analysis in order to strengthen learning and establishment of best practices. Below you can find further information about some of the projects DDP has supported.

Supporting Rapid Responders Networks

DDP supports and facilitates meetings and trainings for members of the global Rarenet in accordance with the needs of the community. Moreover, DDP facilitates meetings for members of the Rarenet at international events, such as the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) and RightsCon, among other meetings deemed useful, such as those necessary to work on shared resources. DDP supports regional rapid response networks in the Former Soviet Union, Latin America, MENA, Asia, and East Africa. Working with regional coordinating partners, the regional rapid response networks promote capacity, trust, and community building among these organisations and individuals in accordance with necessities and through supporting conferences, meetings, trainings, intervision, or other activities among RRN participants.

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The Civil Society CERT (CiviCERT)

DDP is a member of the Computer Incident Response Centre for Civil Society (CiviCERT). CiviCERT is an umbrella organisation formed by Internet content and service providers, NGOs, and individuals that assist civil society organisations in handling the technical and organisational aspects of incidents in connection with other Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT). In particular, it aims to provide assistance or advice concerning incident triage, incident coordination, incident resolution, and proactive services, such as malware analysis, legal advice, security training for civil society, and detection of network interference.

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Digital First Aid Kit (DFAK)

DDP will continue to guide and facilitate the maintenance of the Digital First Aid Kit (DFAK) and its translations (Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish). This will help rapid responders, digital security trainers, and tech-savvy activists to better protect themselves and the communities they support against the most common types of digital threats.

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