Regional Partnership Fund

The Regional Partnership Fund supports initiatives promoting online freedom and digital or holistic protection for human rights defenders. It provides up to €50,000 for initiatives operating in a single country or region, and covers activities for a maximum of one year.
The Regional Partnership Fund can be used for a wide variety of programmes supporting human rights defenders and internet freedom. These can include, for example:
  • The provision of internet access in cases of shutdowns, slowdowns, censorship, or infrastructural damage;
  • The provision of training or accompaniment on digital security or other aspects of security to human rights defenders at risk;
  • The provision of expert advice, digital forensic analysis, hosting, or other technical services to civil society;
  • Lobbying and advocacy work for digital rights and internet freedom.
To be considered, applicants should be committed to strengthening local or regional resources and capacities. It is also of fundamental importance that all proposed projects take into account the needs of marginalised peoples, such as women, LGBTQIA+ people, ethnic minorities, disabled persons, and others traditionally underserved.

Application Process

The Regional Partnership Fund is open globally, and the following groups are specifically encouraged to apply: women human rights defenders and feminist organisations; LGBTQIA+ organisations; land and environmental rights defenders; and journalists and other actors who make information available to the public. Additionally, within Asia, these groups are specifically encouraged to apply: pro-democracy movements; labour rights organisations; and students’ movements. We accept applications in English, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.
In 2022, applications for the Regional Partnership Fund are by invitation only.