2024-2027 Strategic Plan: Towards Centring Feminism And Decoloniality

We are happy to present our new strategy, with renewed mission, vision and objectives.

DDP’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan was developed through a participatory and community-centric process that brought together the insight, reflections, and recommendations of DDP’s team, partners, donors, and human rights defenders across the ecosystem. As DDP surpasses a decade since its establishment, these valuable contributions assume a key role in shaping the programme’s trajectory, propelling it towards a transformative phase that seeks to centre feminism and decoloniality across all aspects of its work.

DDP acknowledges that technology and digital spaces have been used as tools of colonialism and white supremacy, perpetuating and deepening political, economic, and social domination. This has resulted in sharp increases in inequality, the expansion of state-corporate surveillance, the development of sophisticated artificial intelligence systems that further racism, repression, and censorship, as well as the deployment of police and military technologies that further oppression, to name just a few.

DDP is committed to working towards feminist and decolonial realities that seek to dismantle and transform these unjust tools, practices, structures and systems. Thus, it is critical for us to name that the language and narratives that have been used within the digital and technology space, including those across human rights spaces, are deeply entrenched in these very same systemic injustices and caused harm. Framings such as “free internet,” “digital security,” and “protection,” among others, have historical roots that must be critically examined and reframed through a grounding in decoloniality and feminism.

We are committed to doing this work and have included our collective definitions that describe our framing and approach in our Shared Language. We acknowledge there is no one-size-fits-all approach and firmly believe in engaging in ongoing dialogue to understand the diverse framings and language used by individuals, communities, and groups while acknowledging this to be a continual effort.

We invite you to download an read our 2024-2027 strategic plan.