Feminist Helplines: 2023 Evaluation and Needs Assessment for 2024

Learn about the activities the global community of feminist helplines engaged in 2023 and what they look forward to this year.

The community of feminist helplines is currently made up of 18 different initiatives distributed in 13 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America (Ghana, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, France, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela). We are entering our fourth year as a space to learn from each other about our ways of working, methodologies and tools to support women, LGTBQIA+ people, sex workers, activists, WHRDs, journalists, civil society leaders, politicians, candidates, but also shelters or professionals working with survivors. We know that the information, support and encouragement that strangers offer from afar can be life-changing and sometimes even life-saving.

In the last year, we have held seven community conversations, a consultation with the US and EU governments on what we want from social media platforms, hosted a panel at RightsCon with four feminist helpline initiatives, hosted a webinar presenting the Tech Care guide on how to create a civil society oriented digital security help desks, funded secure tech infrastructure in Maadix for seven feminist helplines and worked on raising funds to be able to fund an international feminist helpline meeting in 2024. We also developed, with a working group of 7 feminist helplines, a document of demands to META regarding their escalation programmes regarding GBVO in their products, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Furthermore, we organised 7 Community Conversations (CC) facilitated by the different organisations that make up the community.

We invite you to read our latest report to learn about the activities the global community of feminist helplines engaged in 2023 and read the insights of the needs assessment that will shape our activities for this year.