Feminist Helplines

A global community of initiatives that provide support to women and LGTBQIA+ people facing digital gender-based violence.

In different parts of the world, feminist collectives and networks are creating local and regional helplines for people facing gender-based violence in digital spaces. And even though they usually work with limited resources, these initiatives are acting on the front line to mitigate digital threats and attacks.

We are working to facilitate the global community of feminist helplines to encourage knowledge and resource exchange among them. And also to build bridges between them and other initiatives that support Human Rights Defenders and activists facing digital emergencies, such as CiviCERT members.

Community Conversations

Feminist Helplines’ Community Conversations is a cycle of sessions dedicated to helplines supporting people facing digital violence. This year the sessions are organized in two formats: community conversations (CC), to chat and exchange knowledge and opinions horizontally, and training sessions (SF), to learn about specific topics. Learn more >

CC #05 – NOVEMBER 2022

Sharing practices around developing documentation for feminist helplines

CC #06 – APRIL 2023

Shared technical infrastructure experiences

CC #07 – JUNE 2023

Psychological support for direct care teams and caregivers

CC #08 – AUGUST 2023

Collaboration mechanisms to advocate towards social media companies

CC #09 – OCTOBER 2023

Legal certification to GBVO to use in legal proceedings

CC #10 – DECEMBER 2023

Helplines That Act As GBVO Observatories

Building feminist infrastructure

Between June and July 2021, 12 pioneering projects presented their work to the global community of feminist helplines. They shared how and why they emerged, how they organise their work, what are the challenges to their sustainability, and what strategies they develop to provide support.