Second Global Symposium on Technology-facilitated Gender-based Violence

Alexandra Haché, DDP’s Community Building Manager, presented the global community of feminist helplines at the second Global Symposium on Technology-facilitated Gender-based Violence hosted by the United Nations Population Fund and Australia’s Government eSafety Commissioner.

The community is formed by 18 initiatives based in 13 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America that provide attention and accompaniment to individuals or groups experiencing Gender-Based Violence Online. “We are currently entering our fourth year of existence as a space to learn from each other about our ways of working, methodologies and tools to support women, LGTBQIA+ people, sex workers, activists, WHRD, journalists, civil society leaders, politicians, candidates, but also women shelters or professionals working with survivors”, Haché stated.

Watch the presentation:

Since 2022, DDP has been facilitating the Feminist Helplines’ Community Conversations, an exchange space that has enabled us to improve referral and collaboration mechanisms between us and to better understand what other specific services initiatives are providing and building capacity on:

  • Referrals to other initiatives that provide GBV response support.
  • Data collection and research to inform the scale, scope, diversity and impact of TFGBV.
  • Inclusion and accessibility equity to reach people with disabilities.
  • Digital literacy and awareness-raising activities on TFGBV.
  • Training and workshops on digital and holistic security with a gender perspective.
  • Guides, online resources and toolkits.
  • Survivor peer support groups.
  • Advocacy with social media platforms, policymakers, legislators and other stakeholders.
  • Security diagnosis and context analysis, holistic security accompaniment.
  • Digital forensics with a gender perspective.

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