Daiane Araújo: “Diverse representation in tech companies is not enough”

In the second episode of #UnlearnColonialism, Daiane Araújo shares her views on strategies and challenges to decolonise technology.

Daiane Araújo is a black Brazilian woman, teacher, activist, and geographer who does beautiful work. Carl, DDP’s Digital Protection Facilitator for Latin America and the Caribbean, interviewed her to inquire about her experience working with community networks in the periphery of São Paulo and with quilombola communities.

Araújo explains that for them, the first approach to decolonising technology is to dream about “other possibilities” that it can bring. Community networks are important initiatives to do this because they set the space for social movements to discuss digital technologies. Within these debates around community technology, we acknowledge that technology is historical and, as such, community knowledge plays an important role. https://archive.org/embed/daiane-araujo

We always say that we work with three tripods: new technologies, youth, and territorial appropriation. And it’s within this perspective that we engage in the process of methodological construction of how this territory could be appropriated and how the new information technologies could help or intervene. We understand technology as a place that enables other ways of doing things.

Daniela Araújo, #UnlearnColonialism (2022)